Is this the WORLD'S HARDEST car quiz?
You probably won't get 100% but you can always try it twice before challenging your friends?

Good Luck!
Which car manufacturer is NOT based in the USA?

Let's start things as we mean to go on...HARD

Until the 1990s the VW beetle was the #1 selling car, which car overtook it?

How many rings are in the Audi logo?

Easy one to break things up?

What is the first name of Mr. Porsche, founder of the Porsche car company?

Now this one's tough!

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of which Japanese car manufacturer?

Another difficult one.

The prancing horse is the symbol of which racing car?

Too easy?

In the UK, passengers of what age are responsible for themselves wearing a seatbelt?

Is it 15 or 16? ;)

Which country became the first to make seatbelts compulsory?

UK right?

Behind the U.S.A. which country has the second longest road system?

Almost finished...

Which car model is the odd one out?

Last question...And Breathe.

Well Done!
Now let's see if your mates can beat your score!